Leggings Test Kitchen

As promised I gave Ashley’s leggings a try on www.makeit-loveit.com . First I have to say that I LOVE this project, they really are easy! Thanks for not leading us astray Ashley! Being a complete novice in the sewing department I did run into a few snags so I made some notes  that might help those of you in the same boat.

Sewing Knit Fabric

Knits are tough to work with and my sewing machine needle (twin needle which I agree with Ashley is the bomb!) would jam the fabric all up in the machine. Two things helped this, first I slowed down the speed  to the lowest setting. Secondly, I used tissue paper under the fabric. I got this tip from my own mom and it works great. Once I worked this out I was off to the races!

Stretchy Thread

My first pair was cute but the thread didn’t have much give which was a problem, especially in the waist. I ordered some ‘Wooly Nylon’ and used this in my bobbin. That stuff is great!! Stretchy stretchy and easy to sew with, buy some…seriously it is worth it!

Cute Knit Fabric

As always, I wanted these to be as cute as possible and my local fabric store let me down big time in their selection of knit fabrics. I decided to order online and found that www.fabric.com had a pretty good selection. The ‘Laguna’ fabric was great quality…thick and easy to sew with just the right amount of stretch.

I also failed to get the stripes to line up, I actually just forgot to pay attention to that but next time I will try to get it right. These would be adorable with little buttons near the ankle or up by the waist. It’s a project worth trying!!

Robin’s Egg Blue’s


I just love Robin’s Egg blue so when my stepson found this egg on the ground in our backyard I didn’t freak out like I usually do when something from the outside comes in. First my heart broke a little for the Robin that lost it’s tiny unborn chickie. Then I thanked my lucky stars he didn’t bring this in last year when I just had my son. Hormones were raging and just the thought of a baby anything not making it would drive me to tears. Then it sat on our kitchen counter for about a week just in case it hatched. Every morning I half expected to wake up to hear chirping and I envisioned myself trying to find a bait shop for worms. I also wondered if Alicia Silverstone would swing by to help with the feedings. After some google research I am now 100% sure this thing is not only NOT going to hatch but will probably start smelling soon. I am sure I am just lucky he didn’t drag in one that already hatched like I did to my mom.

Spring Nursery Ideas


Spring and babies seem to go hand in hand so it is no surprise that lots of moms are hatching plans to decorate the nursery accordingly. Here are some tips to ensure your new life has a cheerful nest for romping!

Chose a spring color palette: Robin’s egg blue is great for boys and girls and Benjamin Moore has a beautiful version called Bird’s Egg. Martha Stewart paint chips are genius with tabs that flip down to reveal complementary colors. I chose Tidewater and Bone Folder and I swear I can smell fresh rain every time I walk into my son’s room.

Mix the Old and New: I used an antique dry sink as a changing table and a simple white crib from IKEA. To save money I purchased a glider on craigslist and had it re-upholstered in the softest indoor outdoor fabric I could find. After a year the chair still looks brand new!


Find Cheerful Airy Textiles: I had bumper pads and Window boxes made with fabric found at studiobontextiles.net (wired). Every time I see the little birds on the wire I smile. Chose something complementary for closet drapes and throw pillows. A soft rug is important, I recommend feeling before buying to ensure it will be soft when your little lamb starts crawling.

Form Needs Function To Survive: Take the doors off the closet so you have easy access. Hide a mini fridge for storing breast milk and snacks (mine is full of Easter candy) under a throw made from extra fabric. You will need a lamp and small table next to the glider for drinks, binkies and your cell phone.

Accessorize With Unique Finds: Antique baby rocking chairs, quilt racks for blankets and birds nests are cute ways to style the room. I collect vintage baby rattles and displayed them on a shelf with one of my favorite belly photos.

Don’t Forget Artwork: I am a photo freak so I waited to hang anything until I did a newborn shoot. There are thousands of brilliant artists on Etsy or DIY by framing fabric, words, vintage baby clothes, scrapbook paper or illustrations from children’s books. You can even purchase mismatched frames from a thrift store and paint them in a coordinating paint color (flip the ends over on the Martha Stewart paint chip).

Unless you are a Duggar, most people will not have many opportunities to decorate a nursery so have fun creating the ideal nest for your little Chickie.




Is my son vestiphobic?

If you feel like you are trying to lasso a baby horse at diaper changing time, you are not alone. It seems not everyone shares my love of fabric! Why is it that every time my 12 month old is faced with a textile he snarls at me? Stuffed animals are suspect, blankets are kicked off even if its freezing and I every time I try to change his diaper I feel like I am in a ring with a WWF fighter. Are girls like this? Most of us are always cold so I am assuming mommies of girls do not have this problem. He is a thoughtful young exhibitionist, trying to drag me into it by constant pulling on my shirt. Attention everyone…I am still nursing (Hopefully I have a little time before I am accused of the atrocities of Mayim Bialik). Maybe this is his way of telling the world that he thinks it is ok to breastfeed after the age of one. It would be easier to just get him a T-Shirt saying ‘I Love TATA’S’ but that would be in a jumble on the floor with the rest of his clothes.

Gummie Bear Centerpiece


Have you ever really looked at the expression on a gummie bears face? It is actually quite evil! They are so good though. I have to admit, I am racist when it comes to gummie bears, I like the green ones the best. So when I made this centerpiece I made sure to put the green on the bottom to save them from dirty little hands.

This is super easy and kids love it. Buy a HUGE bag of gummie bears, you can get them at most party stores or Dylan’s Candy Bar which I recommend because you can buy specific (and really pretty) colors. Wash your hands and dig in, separating the entire bag by color. Put them in a glass pitcher starting with your favorite color, then second favorite and so on. Proudly display it on the table and continue to eat them in the weeks following.

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