Playroom Reorg: Making The Most Of Awkward Shelf Space


I turned a former library type room into a playroom and always struggled with making use out of the narrow shelf space. I decided to tackle this project early on as I find myself spending countless hours in the room. The shelfs were becoming a dumping ground for odds and ends that didn’t have a home…lotion bottles, laptop chargers, old yarn from a craft project long ago abandoned. So many miscellaneous items had taken up permanent residence in my cell…err I mean the playroom.

The project centered around these fabric boxes that I made myself because I couldn’t find anything just the right size. I wanted to maximize every square inch of space on the 4 larger shelves so I bought cardboard boxes from . You can order any size box, with a lid without, various thicknesses, etc. This is not a commercial for boxjedi, any box will work but if you need a custom size boxjedi will make it. If you chose to go that route let me know because I ran into some snags that would be easily avoidable if I had a little guidance.

Stay tuned for a tutorial on the fabric boxes!

14 thoughts on “Playroom Reorg: Making The Most Of Awkward Shelf Space

  1. Wow, those boxes really changed the whole look! I love it! Clever binky system, too, for those of us who actually keep track of what’s clean and what’s not (which isn’t really me for my own child but I sure do try for others’ kiddos!). Poor Calvin is lucky if his snorker is dog-hair-free.

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