Party Favors That Are Great For All Ages


I made these party favors for my sons 1st birthday. They are perfect because everyone loves animal crackers no matter what their age! It is easy peasy too which made it a no brainer. Here is how to do it…

  1. Buy some clear plastic boxes, I used 3 inch cubes. You can get them online and at some craft stores that have a large variety of party favor items
  2. Buy some cute tags and a bunch of ribbon to match the theme of the party
  3. Fill the boxes with animal crackers, gummie bears or whatever snack goes with your party
  4. Tie the box with a ribbon and tag

Viola!! Instant adorable party favors!!

These ‘Thank Ewe’ tags were made by Georgina of GeorginaKay on Etsy.

5 thoughts on “Party Favors That Are Great For All Ages

  1. Thanks! We have a bunch of extras so I think I am going to make a pie crust. Here is a recipe…
    Crush the crackers( put the graham crackers in a sealed storage bag and use a rolling pin to crush them), mix with just enough melted butter or margarine to make them moist enough to stick together. You can add cinnamon or sugar if you wish to.
    Put the crumbs in a pie plate( deep dish) and press into the pan to create a crust.

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