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In March of 2011 I got married, had a baby and quit my job… in the last two weeks of March to be exact. I also moved to a small town in Pennsylvania just far enough away from all of my friends to make it next to impossible to see each other now that I had a newborn. I know who I was prior to this whirlwind of change but now I am not so sure. Trying to write a ‘about me’ page is like reading the first page of a story and filling in the blanks.

I am a wife a stay at home mom and a stepmom who is constantly seeking a balance between the neat and orderly way I aspire my life to be and the reality of juggling a billion things at once.

I love aesthetics, design, photography, fabric, dogs, gummy bears, working with my hands, building things, turning trash into treasures, flea markets, architectural salvage yards, purging things from the house, vintage baby rattles, sewing, painting, etiquette and cleaning!

Yes, my not-so-dirty little secret is that I would spend every day cleaning if I had the time. Although some like to point the OCD finger at me, I would argue that I just realize that I am at my best in aesthetically pleasing surroundings. I also believe you don’t need to be wealthy to live this way. I am dedicating this blog to helping people on a budget with projects that will enhance their surrounding. I call it mom projects because I am constantly trying to find creative ways to get things done while raising a 12 month old!

If you have similar interests and want to live a more beautiful life then pop in now and then for a mom project!


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2 thoughts on “Me in a nutshell

  1. I am eagerly awaiting more projects. The gummy bears face is frightening, what a great little statement they make with that expression. Keep your fun posts coming!

  2. The face is scary but intriguing, it makes me feel a little bit better about inhaling them with that nasty smirk they give me. Take the gummy bear poll if you have time!

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