Is my son vestiphobic?

If you feel like you are trying to lasso a baby horse at diaper changing time, you are not alone. It seems not everyone shares my love of fabric! Why is it that every time my 12 month old is faced with a textile he snarls at me? Stuffed animals are suspect, blankets are kicked off even if its freezing and I every time I try to change his diaper I feel like I am in a ring with a WWF fighter. Are girls like this? Most of us are always cold so I am assuming mommies of girls do not have this problem. He is a thoughtful young exhibitionist, trying to drag me into it by constant pulling on my shirt. Attention everyone…I am still nursing (Hopefully I have a little time before I am accused of the atrocities of Mayim Bialik). Maybe this is his way of telling the world that he thinks it is ok to breastfeed after the age of one. It would be easier to just get him a T-Shirt saying ‘I Love TATA’S’ but that would be in a jumble on the floor with the rest of his clothes.

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