DIY Roman Shade Tutorial

DIY Roman Shade Tutorial

I probably need to stop with the overly wordy posts, but I think you may thank me for this if you decide to use the tutorial to make your own Roman Shades. To date, I have made 8 Roman Shades and each time I figure out how to do it a little less expensively. This version Continue reading

How to Make a Window Seat Cushion With Piping

Piped Cushion

Last week I posted about the custom storage bench I built for the alcove in my bedroom and I was so excited to share it. The bench was just not complete without a comfy cushion so I did my favorite thing and started hitting fabric stores. Actually not true…first I measured the bench and cursed a few times at how long it was and how much a foam cushion would cost me! Then I got online researched for a few hours too long and finally ordered one. FINALLY I hit the fabric stores, relieved to have the foam insert purchase behind me. I always stress a little when spending more than a few bucks on something in case my experiment goes wrong. The help I found online Continue reading

Piping Tutorial

Make Mountains of Custom Piping with this simple tutorial

Make Mountains of Custom Piping with this simple tutorial

There are a couple reasons you might want to make your own piping, one being that it is a lot less expensive than buying it at a store and the other is the fact that the options for sale are limited. Whether you want to save money, customize your project or Continue reading

Dish Towel Gift Wrapping

Dishtowel with Ribbons By Momprojects

Dishtowel with Ribbons By Momprojects

Stencil on Wood Tag

Stencil on Wood Tag


I am sort of obsessed with making things fit and wrapping a gift is no exception. When I needed to wrap a friends 8″X10″ wedding gift it seemed like a good opportunity to try out this dish towel bag idea that was floating around in my head. The gift was just the right size and IKEA has this really cute striped dish towel for $3 that I wanted an excuse to buy….all the pieces were fitting together in my brain. It was time to fit them together in real life! I jumped in so fast Finish Reading!

DIY Baby Sunhat

I have to admit, I went out in late Spring and bought a sunhat because I was way behind in projects and just didn’t squeeze this one in. I will bet though that there are a few other moms and maybe some dads that find themselves looking for a Sunhat in July when all of the cute ones are sold out. Here is a quick tutorial for making your own.

First download the Baby Sunhat Pattern for Free! This pattern is for small, medium or large hats. Click the Tweet & Get It button below!

[tweegi-button name="Baby Sunhat Pattern"]

Next, use the pattern to cut out the brim and top pieces. You will need 12 pieces for the top, I suggest cutting 6 on the fold of the fabric to save a little time. The brim MUST be cut on the fold, you will need to cut 2 out of fabric and one out of interfacing.

Once the pieces are cut out with RIGHT sides of fabric together stitch 3 of the top pieces together. You will have a total of 4 of these, the photo shows 2.

Now, take two of the 3 piece sections and with right sides all the way around the outer edge so when you turn it inside out you end up with a bowl shape. Do the same thing on the other two 3 piece sections so you have 2 ‘bowls’.

With WRONG sides of bowls together, match center and seams and baste (loosely stitch) raw edges together.

Now, apply fusible interfacing to WRONG side of brim, following manufacturer’s directions. Stitch center back seam of brim.

Stitch center back seam of the other brim piece. With RIGHT sides together, stitch facing to brim, matching centers, leaving inner edges open, trim inside seam. Turn brim right side out and press. Add a topstitch around the outer edge of the brim. Baste inside raw edges together. I apologize for not having a photo here, basically you should end up with a lifesaver looking brim with the inside part of the circle raw and loosely stitched. See the photo in the next step to get an image of what the brim should look like.

On outside, pin brim to hat matching centers. Stitch along seam line over previous stitching.

Try the hat on your little one if possible and use a fabric pen to place a dot where you want each tie. it should be slightly in front of their ear. Cut ribbon for hat ties, on OUTSIDE, center ends of ties over small dots that you made. Stitch ribbons or ties onto hat.

On OUTSIDE, pin band, I used grosgrain ribbon 5/8″, over lower edge of hat (over brim), turning over and lapping one end at center back. Stitch close to edge of band. Trim seam under band.

Turn hat right side out and put a topstitch right above the brim seam, this will stitch the other side of the band in place. Now send that baby out into the hot smoldering sun, make yourself a cold bevie and relax!! Just kidding, you actually should use the UVA protected fabric if you plan on using this for blocking the sun. I just think HE (yes he!) looks cute. So adorable it won’t even bother me when the moms at the playground ask me how old SHE is :)

Leggings Test Kitchen

As promised I gave Ashley’s leggings a try on . First I have to say that I LOVE this project, they really are easy! Thanks for not leading us astray Ashley! Being a complete novice in the sewing department I did run into a few snags so I made some notes  that might help those of you in the same boat.

Sewing Knit Fabric

Knits are tough to work with and my sewing machine needle (twin needle which I agree with Ashley is the bomb!) would jam the fabric all up in the machine. Two things helped this, first I slowed down the speed  to the lowest setting. Secondly, I used tissue paper under the fabric. I got this tip from my own mom and it works great. Once I worked this out I was off to the races!

Stretchy Thread

My first pair was cute but the thread didn’t have much give which was a problem, especially in the waist. I ordered some ‘Wooly Nylon’ and used this in my bobbin. That stuff is great!! Stretchy stretchy and easy to sew with, buy some…seriously it is worth it!

Cute Knit Fabric

As always, I wanted these to be as cute as possible and my local fabric store let me down big time in their selection of knit fabrics. I decided to order online and found that had a pretty good selection. The ‘Laguna’ fabric was great quality…thick and easy to sew with just the right amount of stretch.

I also failed to get the stripes to line up, I actually just forgot to pay attention to that but next time I will try to get it right. These would be adorable with little buttons near the ankle or up by the waist. It’s a project worth trying!!

DIY leggings for baby girl or boy

I stumbled upon a great little site and found the cutest little legging sewing project for babies. I have the hardest time finding fitted leggins in nice fabric for my little man so I am going to make a few of these. I’ll post pictures soon! Thanks to Ashley for posting this project!


Make It And Love It

Roman Shade Supplies On The Cheap


I have posted a more recent Roman Shade Tutorial here . Unfortunately for us Debby at has retired so you can no longer get patterns off her site. My new tutorial will take you through the steps!!

Making Roman Shades is a marathon not a sprint. The first thing you need is determination. Do not underestimate the power of perseverance when it comes to a project like this. It also helps to have a looming deadline. Nothing gets a house project done like knowing you have 30 people coming over for a party. Yes, I put myself in that predicament and still shake my head at the thought. But hey, they are done and I have a pretty picture to prove it!

I highly recommend planning ahead and gathering all of your supplies before you start. If you are like me you will be making these at midnight and there is nothing worse than having a late night burst of energy and then realizing you don’t have the extra tube of velcro glue you meant to buy.

I spent some time figuring out the absolute cheapest way to make these babies and this is what I found.

Where To Splurge

Aesthetics count and there are certain things I will splurge on. I would not go through the hassle of making these shades if they weren’t going to look awesome and be exactly what I want.

  • Patterns: You need one. If you screw up it shows and… well…you want these to look good right?  You can get one for $2.99 at  . If you spend $25 on supplies they will give you the pattern for free. You may not need to spend $25 on supplies though, keep reading!
  • Decorative Fabric: I splurged a little on the fabric and bought an adorable little green pattern from which is my favorite fabric site. Check it out, you can create your own fabric!  Make SURE you order a swatch first though, the color on the screen is quite a bit different from what you actually get. You can also get remnants from fabric stores or home upholstery stores. Here are some of my favorite fabric sites…

Supplies To Buy In Bulk

Do every window in your house or split the cost with fellow roman shade making friends!

  • Lining Fabric: I have found deals on ebay (if you buy in bulk) for as little as $2.50 a yard.
  • Roman Shade Tape: Try ebay or amazon and buy a bunch of this stuff! I have used different brands and haven’t found much of a difference.
  • Roman Shade Cord: You can get it for $.18 a YARD at, I recommend purchasing it with your pattern. It is twice the cost at other places
  • Velcro: $.09 an inch at, that is a good price and you can combine shipping this way. I have also seen it on ebay as low as $.99 for 5 yards!

What To Purchase From The Hardware Store

This is where you will really save!

  • Mounting Boards (also called dustboards)- Buy some pine and cut them yourself or have a friend with a saw do it
  • Ribs- Use markers, you know those things that snowplowers put in the driveway to make sure they don’t drive on the yard. Just cover them with masking tape if they are orange so the color doesn’t show through. I did not do that and wish I would have.
  • Weight rod- 3/8 all thread rod found in the plumbing department

Other Things You Need

You may have some of this stuff but if not, order it with the pattern to save on shipping.

  • Vecro Glue $2
  • Roman Shade Pulley $3
  • Roman Shade Cordlock $4
  • Fabric Marking Pen $2
  • Cord Condenser $1
  • Self-Drilling Screws 4/$1
  • Thread $2 (I use invisible which is a little more $ and tough to work with but looks pretty darn professional!)
Follow this list and you will have it made in the roman shade!!