DIY Roman Shade Tutorial

DIY Roman Shade Tutorial

I probably need to stop with the overly wordy posts, but I think you may thank me for this if you decide to use the tutorial to make your own Roman Shades. To date, I have made 8 Roman Shades and each time I figure out how to do it a little less expensively. This version Continue reading

Favorite Fall Decorating Ideas

Steve Almond said…

“Nothing on Earth so beautiful as the final haul on Halloween night.”

Well I beg to differ!

Favorite Fall Decorating Ideas

I think there are more gorgeous Fall craft ideas on pinterest these days than leaves falling from the trees! I could spend hours and hours looking at them….ok, I HAVE spent hours and hours looking at them and have compiled a group of 9 of my favorites. The reason I like these are because they are simple, easy to “color customize”, unique, and downright attractive! I have never been one to go for the bloody, scary, wicked decor that often shows up around Halloween (much to my stepson’s disappointment). If your looking for something for Fall that is easy and will make your home more lovely, Continue reading

How to Make a Window Seat Cushion With Piping

Piped Cushion

Last week I posted about the custom storage bench I built for the alcove in my bedroom and I was so excited to share it. The bench was just not complete without a comfy cushion so I did my favorite thing and started hitting fabric stores. Actually not true…first I measured the bench and cursed a few times at how long it was and how much a foam cushion would cost me! Then I got online researched for a few hours too long and finally ordered one. FINALLY I hit the fabric stores, relieved to have the foam insert purchase behind me. I always stress a little when spending more than a few bucks on something in case my experiment goes wrong. The help I found online Continue reading

Piping Tutorial

Make Mountains of Custom Piping with this simple tutorial

Make Mountains of Custom Piping with this simple tutorial

There are a couple reasons you might want to make your own piping, one being that it is a lot less expensive than buying it at a store and the other is the fact that the options for sale are limited. Whether you want to save money, customize your project or Continue reading

Custom Storage Bench

Storage Bench Finished

When I get really excited about a project, I am like a horse with blinders. This was no exception and when I found myself standing in my closet with my bra on the outside of my shirt I knew I needed to calm down. My mom was in town and there is nothing I love more than tackling a momproject with mom. Behold the custom storage bench!

I am determined to make this old house functional so when I ran across these plans for a storage bench on  Ana White’s website, Keep Reading!

Dish Towel Gift Wrapping

Dishtowel with Ribbons By Momprojects

Dishtowel with Ribbons By Momprojects

Stencil on Wood Tag

Stencil on Wood Tag


I am sort of obsessed with making things fit and wrapping a gift is no exception. When I needed to wrap a friends 8″X10″ wedding gift it seemed like a good opportunity to try out this dish towel bag idea that was floating around in my head. The gift was just the right size and IKEA has this really cute striped dish towel for $3 that I wanted an excuse to buy….all the pieces were fitting together in my brain. It was time to fit them together in real life! I jumped in so fast Finish Reading!

Painting Pumpkins 3 ways (plus a cheat)

Pumpin Painting PinWaking up this morning and realizing it was October is bittersweet, mostly bitter. I tend to get through these transitions by throwing myself into the fun aspects of the season however carving pumpkins on October 1st can end up being a smelly mess by Halloween. That is no treat! I discovered pumpkin painting and want to share some ideas with you.

Pumpkin Dipping: The first tip is I don’t really dip them. I bought 3 white pumpkins and picked 3 acrylic paint colors. The key is to lay the paint on really thick…just gob it on like your peanut buttering toast. I was a little careful along the edge to try and make the line straight. Let dry overnight on a paper plate

color dip

Polka Dot Pumpkin: I sprayed an orange pumpkin with white primer spray paint and then used a stencil brush to put on the dots. Pick any color you like, acrylic paints worked great.

Painting a polka dot pumpkin

Painting a polka dot pumpkin


Pantone Pumpkins: These were my favorite. I bought small ones and gave them a light spray with the white primer first, taping the stems with blue painters tape. Then I picked a paint that had a lot of pigment for the first one. For the second one I added some white to the paint. I added even more white for the third. For the fourth and fifth I just added some of the color from the previous pumpkin to a bunch of white. I found it tough to see much of a difference in color on the sixth pumpkin so I stopped.


Pantone Pumpkin Painting

Pantone Pumpkin Painting

pantone how to Owl and Deer Pumpkin: This one was the easiest of all! I painted a spaghetti squash with glossy white spray paint. I chose a spaghetti squash because it is smooth so stickers adhere better. I used my silhouette cameo to cut the owl and deer out of black adhesive vinyl however you could use any stickers that you like. I have seen some cool modge podge examples too that I would love to try.

Has anyone else painted their pumpkins? I would love to see them!


Happy Painting!



DIY Holiday Mantel

Alright, this is about the cheapest, quickest, most easily customizable holiday mantle decoration ever!

Items Needed: Old Frame, Ribbon (about 4 yds), Items to hang, hot glue gun, plastic clamps (optional)

Start by heading to your local thrift store. Yes, I command you to go! You will need both hands so if you have to bring the kids get creative! I had my 7 year old stepson in tow and once he discovered the pink zingers in the vending machine it was game on! Head straight to the art section and while you sift through the framed artwork ignore the pictures of mauve flowers, kittens with baskets of yarn, and clowns giving unsettling smirks. Look at the frame that is surrounding these atrocities. This particular frame had a distressed look I loved but not with the boat poster inside. As your shopping keep an open mind, I expected to find one of those fancy gold numbers and was all ready with my white glossy paint before I found this rugged seven dollar bad boy.

If your like you me have yards of ribbon just waiting to be used but if not, you will need to make one more stop and pick some up. I love this part because buying ribbon is truly one of my greatest joys in life. I used almost 4 yards but how much you need will depend on your frame size.

Now you just need a few items to hang. I chose pinecones but you could also do ornaments, tiny espresso cups, candy canes…literally anything you have in the house or see while you are buying the pretty ribbon or the frame.

Last step, get your hot glue gun heated up and attach the ribbon to the items. Before I glue the top of the ribbon to the frame I used clamps to hold it in place and test it out on the mantle. This was helpful as I decided to go vertical rather than horizontal. Sometimes one way just looks a little better depending on the size of the frame, the mantle or the items. Who knows, but I think its worth spending the extra couple of minutes to make sure it looks perfect so when old Saint Nick squeezes his big butt through my fireplace he likes what he sees.


Coming out of the closet

I haven’t posted in awhile because I have literally been in the closet! My newest project involves closet organization at possibly an extreme level. I have been working on a new venture that I am excited to share on my blog! I contemplated blogging about this prior to now however I had my doubts that I would be able to pull this together. After months of hard work, I have finally solved one of my organizational issues that has plagued me since the birth of my son.

This started awhile (long while) back. Before I got pregnant my husband and I bought a 120 year old house. I became pregnant the first week living in it! I didn’t realize tiny bedrooms, almost no storage and crazy small closets would be major issues in my future. The bedroom that would eventually be a nursery had a weird closet that required major work. I decided to remove the doors on the closet to make the room feel a little bigger. Alas…I realized the potential error of my way. You need to keep the thing clean! To make matters worse, the changing table doesn’t hold a lot so most of Theo’s clothes need to be hung in the closet. I decided my personal challenge would be to make the closet adorable, starting with the hangers!

I searched online and found many cute hangers for shirts but nothing that was just as adorable for pants. I went to home depot and bought lots of random items trying to make the next cute hanger. I experimented with ribbons as hooks, clothespins as clips and shims as the base. While some of my creations were cute, they weren’t exactly functional. Here we are almost 2 years later and I finally have the perfect baby hangers! I would love to share these with you so I opened an etsy store called Half Pint Hangers. I am so excited because Half Pint Hangers offers children’s hangers that are top quality, work amazingly well and are so cute I feel like I am decorating a batch of cupcakes with every order! If you get a chance, please check out my store and leave feedback  or just click on the new menu on this site. If you like what you see, like us on facebook, pin a photo on pinterest, send out a tweet or just shoot me a message! I would love to hear from you.

Officially out of the closet,


DIY Baby Sunhat

I have to admit, I went out in late Spring and bought a sunhat because I was way behind in projects and just didn’t squeeze this one in. I will bet though that there are a few other moms and maybe some dads that find themselves looking for a Sunhat in July when all of the cute ones are sold out. Here is a quick tutorial for making your own.

First download the Baby Sunhat Pattern for Free! This pattern is for small, medium or large hats. Click the Tweet & Get It button below!

[tweegi-button name="Baby Sunhat Pattern"]

Next, use the pattern to cut out the brim and top pieces. You will need 12 pieces for the top, I suggest cutting 6 on the fold of the fabric to save a little time. The brim MUST be cut on the fold, you will need to cut 2 out of fabric and one out of interfacing.

Once the pieces are cut out with RIGHT sides of fabric together stitch 3 of the top pieces together. You will have a total of 4 of these, the photo shows 2.

Now, take two of the 3 piece sections and with right sides all the way around the outer edge so when you turn it inside out you end up with a bowl shape. Do the same thing on the other two 3 piece sections so you have 2 ‘bowls’.

With WRONG sides of bowls together, match center and seams and baste (loosely stitch) raw edges together.

Now, apply fusible interfacing to WRONG side of brim, following manufacturer’s directions. Stitch center back seam of brim.

Stitch center back seam of the other brim piece. With RIGHT sides together, stitch facing to brim, matching centers, leaving inner edges open, trim inside seam. Turn brim right side out and press. Add a topstitch around the outer edge of the brim. Baste inside raw edges together. I apologize for not having a photo here, basically you should end up with a lifesaver looking brim with the inside part of the circle raw and loosely stitched. See the photo in the next step to get an image of what the brim should look like.

On outside, pin brim to hat matching centers. Stitch along seam line over previous stitching.

Try the hat on your little one if possible and use a fabric pen to place a dot where you want each tie. it should be slightly in front of their ear. Cut ribbon for hat ties, on OUTSIDE, center ends of ties over small dots that you made. Stitch ribbons or ties onto hat.

On OUTSIDE, pin band, I used grosgrain ribbon 5/8″, over lower edge of hat (over brim), turning over and lapping one end at center back. Stitch close to edge of band. Trim seam under band.

Turn hat right side out and put a topstitch right above the brim seam, this will stitch the other side of the band in place. Now send that baby out into the hot smoldering sun, make yourself a cold bevie and relax!! Just kidding, you actually should use the UVA protected fabric if you plan on using this for blocking the sun. I just think HE (yes he!) looks cute. So adorable it won’t even bother me when the moms at the playground ask me how old SHE is :)